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I'm fortunate in being able to work on a variety of projects, including website development, video production, voice over work, and social media consultation. I am presently editing the third in a series of thriller novels, and just completed a ghost-written cozy mystery.  See below to links for current engagements.

A Few of My Latest Projects


This is the science-informed art of telling people as simply and clearly as possible how to get where they want to go - even when where they "want" to go may not be clear to them as they begin! Roadsigns, business departments, elevator locations, even where to find the bathrooms are all part of an individual interacting with the space around them to locate themselves in that space, and then navigate it with as few missed signals as possible. Working with Adam Rozum Design, I have been developing the "maps" that his artistic skill then turns into clear, coherent, visual signals to visitors, old and new.


I wrote, architected and built this website, and continue to curate and maintain it with fresh content. I also maintain the Drone Film Festival's Facebook and Twitter accounts, and send periodic newsletters to their subscribers.

Sample Newsletter

I write and create a regular series of email newsletters for the Greenwood Winery and Bistro; the Drone Film Festival; and a variety of other clients. Open rates are consistently above 25% across all emails, over 40% for the Winery, which has about a 20% open rate in its category (food and drink). I also maintain the Winery's Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as creating a variety of video/animation and other pieces for the website and other outlets.

EtruckLSV123 Logo.gif

This start-up manufacturing and sales organization is seeking VC capital, and beginning its manufacturing and sales operations in Florida and New York. In addition to a website and collateral materials, I designed, wrote, and implemented the website, wrote their business plan, and am a contract marketing consultant for the organization.




When in Doubt, Read
A blog of book reviews that I publish in the journal, TableHopping.
I Wrote That!
A blog of short fiction I wrote.
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