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Projects, contract support.









And pictures, too.


I specialize in telling stories.


Articles, videos, animations, voice overs, scripts, websites, editing, fiction and non-fiction.


A headline, a ghost-written novel, a fun and informative :30 spot, written, shot, voiced and edited; whatever you need, if it can be written, shot, edited, and/or performed, call me, and let's talk!




A new podcast I'm hosting - dedicated to the innovators among us. Those who explore, design, create, re-create, and never stop looking for a newer, better, different way. Each podcast is a short interview with an individual or team who has an idea you're sure to find fascinating - from tech, to design, to management and beyond. Explore with us!

Interviews with Innovators

If you need help with them, call me.


I'm voicing an audio book version of M.C. Antil's compelling "Floor Burns," a history of Syracuse, NY, seen through the lens of the Parochial League basketball program, race relations, the 15th Ward, and much more than will mean a great deal to anyone from Central New York - and for that matter, anyone who lived through the tumultuous days of the mid-1960's.  See Floor Burns to learn more!

CNY History Day is complete - the winners are announced and moved ahead to the State contest. We were happy and excited to be part of the project.

Set up a website for a local candidate for mayor.  Janet Burman is the candidate!

Wayfinding. Do you know what it is? You use it every day. And it can impact not only your day as an individual, but your clients' and customers' impression of you and your business - far more than you'd ever guess!

Here's that finished whiteboard on Wine Tasting 101!


And a fun little production introduction video here!!


A blog post - died out a little, but once again, along with video podcasts, the latest trend in social media. A little confusing, but - here you go!


Here's a voice over sample - want that young and friendly sound? You got it! An "explainer" video.

Announcing: Your A la Carte Copy, Design, Media & Marketing Team!